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Information technology advisory

whix can assist you to improve your client's IT governance and management processes. Past experience includes:
# Identifying suites of applications to serve business needs
# Implementing service management structures aligned to COBIT, ITIL and various ISO standards
# Improving processes supporting IT operations, such as change management, operations and user administration
# Developing strategies for business continuity and disaster recovery

Information technology security

whix can assist you deliver information security projects through insight into the technology-related risks facing your client's businesses, by developing security risk management strategies and appropriate and practical security controls. Our extensive experience in this area includes:
# Developing and implementing information security governance and risk management frameworks
# Developing audit and compliance strategies and frameworks
# Executing security risk management and system security plans for Australian Government agencies, in line with the requirements of the Protective Security Policy Framework and the Australian Government Information Security Manual
# Providing practical controls to treat information security risks

Risk management

whix can assist you to advise your clients to understand, evaluate and develop treatment plans to address the technology-related risks facing their business. We have prior experience in:
# Conducting security risk assessments regarding the implementation of new systems
# Assessing the physical security risks of data centres
# Developing treatment plans for identified risks from IT audits

Information technology audit

whix can supplement or lead your IT audit teams to deliver IT audit plans. We have experience in:
# Audit methodologies, such as COBIT, COSO and Sarbanes Oxley
# Reviewing IT general controls of specific technologies such as RACF, AS400, Unix, Windows and others
# Pre- and post-implementation reviews
# Auditing against specific frameworks such as the Protective Security Policy Framework, Information Security Manual, ACT Gaming and Racing Commission rules on Internet gambling and Financial Management and Accountability Act (1999)
# Reviewing processes, applications, systems, disaster recovery and business continuity plans
# Auditing contract and vendor management

Analytics and insight

whix can provide you with analytics skills to assist you bring greater levels of insight into your client's business operations and market. Past experience includes:
# Identifying cross-functional linkages between customer, supplier and employee data
# Developing regression models to identify outliers in business models
# Analysing payments made to vendors
# Assessing the ability of advertising to cut through clutter and engage
# Capturing the demographic profiles of key consumer sectors via analysis of census data
# Developing and analysing spreadsheets, databases and mining existing data from multiple sources in order to paint a picture of a market, a sector or a consumer

Survey design and analysis

whix can bring an improved understanding of your client's markets, operations, employees, payments, customers and / or suppliers through tailored and specific surveys and analyses. Our experience includes:
# Conducting surveys to gauge user satisfaction with services/products
# Studying consumer habits, practices and decision making processes
# Assessing product development, design and consumer feedback

Focus groups and facilitation

Via qualitative insight gathering, whix can help you deliver deeper meaning to the numbers gathered through analytics for your clients. Our prior experience includes:
# Facilitating workshops to identify obstacles in systems implementations
# Researching in-market shopper experience, habits, decision process and purchase considerations
# Studying in-home consumer habits, practices and frustrations
# Moderating focus group and one-on-one discussions

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